Keep Democracy SAFE

Single Member Districts

The campaign for single-member districts for electing County Commissioners and Charter Review Board members in Sarasota County addresses one of the core issues of SAFE:  campaign finance reform.

This local campaign to address the problem of big money in politics complements our national campaign for Move to Amend.  Our country is being controlled by the richest in America, drowning out the voices of the people.

Mike Shlasko, one of the candidates for Charter Review Board in 2016, captures the essence of the single-member district issue:

"We need more representative democracy, not less, more citizen involvement in our government, not less."

He says "In 2013 the Charter Review Board rejected a request to study a charter amendment that would elect County Commissioners by vote of their District constituents rather than by vote of the electorate in the entire county, which makes it extremely difficult for candidates not backed by wealthy real estate developers to fund campaigns targeting our now almost 300,000 county voters."

 It is time to bring back democracy to the people.

Please support us in this important campaign.