Keep Democracy SAFE

Single Member Districts

Passing a referendum for Single Member Districts for electing County Commissioners in Sarasota County could benefit voters of all political parties in this county for years to come.  It would

o  reduce campaign costs

o  empower neighborhoods

o  strengthen citizen participation in our democracy,

o  and weaken the power of big moneyed interests over our elections, and over decisions of our elected officials.

It's time to bring democracy back to the people.

Please support us in this important campaign.


Several SAFE board members put it this way:

Mike Shlasko:

"We need more representative democracy, not less, more citizen involvement in our government, not less."

Dan Lobeck:

"This would be a highly important reform, as it would cut most campaign costs (such as direct mail and signs) by 80%, empower neighborhoods and facilitate door-to-door campaigning, thereby reducing the presently overwhelming power of big money (by big development interests) in County Commission campaigns."

Donna Cubit-Swoyer:  "This time of great turmoil in Washington, DC is siphoning much of our attention and energy away from important local issues that can have a huge impact and give us more control over local governance.  Single Member Districts would give county residents more direct control and influence over policies and issues for their area."

Susette Bryan:

"Small step for Sarasota County citizens, big step for fair and honest representation."


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