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Saving American Democracy

January 3, 2024


Whereas unprecedented events have unfolded since the Presidential election of 2020:

  • a former U.S. President refused to accept the results of the election of 2020

  • engaged “fake electors” to try to change the results

  • then fomented an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol to demand Congress overturn the election results

  • then when his Vice President upheld his Constitutional responsibilities and certified the election results, called for the insurrectionists following his orders to  HANG his Vice President

  • then continued to promote his “Big Lie” that he won the election, and intimidate members of Congress to support his Big Lie in addition to having support from already willing right-wing media outlets

  • then filed to run for the Presidency of the United States again, although being charged with 91 felonies in four states as well as federal charges, and now awaiting trials

  • and now continues to foment hatred, divisiveness, and chaos in the American public about elections, the media, the Constitution, the courts, the Department of Justice and the rule of law


Therefore it is critical for individuals to TAKE ACTION to help SAVE DEMOCRACY in this country NOW and during the next 10 months. These are 8 actions individuals can help that were recommended by Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor.

Will you help?


  1. Become even more politically active. For some of us, this will mean taking more time out of our normal lives — up to and including getting out the vote in critical swing states. For others, it will mean phone banking, making political contributions, writing letters to editors, and calling friends and relations in key states.

  2. Do not succumb to complacency or cynicism. The stakes are too high. Even if you cannot take much time out of your normal life for direct politics, you will need to organize, mobilize, and energize your friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

  3. Counter lies with truth. This will require that you prepare yourself with facts, logic, analysis, and sources.

  4. Do not tolerate bigotry and hate. Call it out. Stand up to it. Denounce it. Demand that others denounce it, too.

  5. Do not resort to name-calling, bullying, intimidation, or violence. We cannot save democracy through anti-democratic means.

  6. Don’t waste your time commiserating with people who already agree with you. 

  7. Demonstrate, but don’t confuse demonstrating for political action. You may find it gratifying to stand on a corner in Berkeley or Cambridge or any other liberal precinct with a sign asking drivers to “honk if you hate fascism” and elicit lots of honks. But this is as politically effectual as taking a warm shower. Mobilize get-out-the-vote efforts in your community. Get young people involved.

  8. Don’t get distracted by the latest sensationalist post or story by or about Trump. Don’t let the media’s short-term attention span divert your eyes from the prize — the survival of American democracy during one of the greatest stress tests it has had to endure, organized by one of the worst demagogues in American history.


Robert Reich then says:

“I cannot overstate how critical the outcome of the next 10 months will be to everything we believe in. And the importance of your participation...And then continu(ing) to do the work of making our democracy and economy work for the many, rather than the few at the top. “


To see reasons why this country is too often controlled by “the few at the top”, see our other Core Issues:

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