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We are almost 2/3 of the way in our petition-gathering effort for the Single Member District campaign to achieve the 15,096 validated petitions at the Supervisor of Elections Office to put our referendum on the ballot in 2018.

We just learned we must gather 8,000 more petitions BY MARCH 16!! to achieve the remaining 5,443 validated ones needed to put the referendum for Single Member Districts for electing Sarasota County Commissioners on the ballot June 12, 2018, to benefit candidates running for office THIS YEAR.  If we don't get this on the ballot until later this year, it won't benefit ANYONE until 2020!!

So we must hire paid petition-gatherers in addition to requesting all the volunteer effort we can recruit to achieve this goal.


Contributions of all sizes are welcome!!
Please donate online here or by check to

SAFE, P.O. Box 163, Venice, FL 34284


Also, please join our HI-FIVE Campaign and gather FIVE petitions from friends and acquaintances in Sarasota County and mail them in.  It's EASY!

1. Download and print the petition here.

2. Make five copies.

3. Have friends and acquaintances fill them out in front of you--completely and legibly--and mail them to SAFE, P.O. Box 163, Venice, FL 34284 ASAP.

Remember, Single Member Districts will

o  Cut the cost of campaigns, making BIG MONEY less dominant

o  Make races more competitive

o  Make elected officials more accountable to YOU, the voters


Thanks for whatever you can do to contribute your time, effort and  $$$  to achieve this goal.

Donate online:

Or by Check to:
P.O. Box 163
Venice, FL 34284