Keep Democracy SAFE



Donations from people of ALL POLITICAL PARTIES are needed!
Remember, Single Member Districts will benefit ALL.

Are you one of the many people of all political parties who are concerned about uncontrolled growth in this county, and top-down government controlled by elected officials too often beholden to their biggest donors and PACS? 
If so, please stand up and be counted, and put your money where your beliefs are.

Also, please keep sending petitions in.  Download and print the petition here, make copies for friends, and mail them in so we can put the referendum for Single Member Districts for electing Sarasota County Commissioners on the ballot.  Remember, your petition is just to put this on the ballot for ALL VOTERS TO DECIDE.

Join our HI-FIVE Campaign and gather FIVE petitions from friends and acquaintances in Sarasota County and mail them in ASAP.  It's EASY!

1. Download and print the petition here.

2. Make five copies.

3. Have friends and acquaintances fill them out in front of you--completely and legibly--and mail them to SAFE, P.O. Box 163, Venice, FL 34284 ASAP.

Remember, Single Member Districts will

o  Make elected officials more accountable to YOU, THE VOTERS, rather than to their largest donors and PACS

o  Cut the cost of campaigns by 80%

o  Make races more competitive, so good new candidates CAN WIN

Benefit people of ALL political parties


Thanks for whatever you can do to contribute your time, effort and  $$$  to achieve this goal.

Donate online:

Mail petitions AND CHECKS to:
P.O. Box 163
Venice, FL 34284