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Are you concerned about the uncontrolled growth and traffic in this county?
Do you want your County Commissioners to listen to YOU, and not just to their largest donors and PACS?
Do you want them to work together for the PEOPLE and not just for the DEVELOPERS?

We can solve these problems if we change County Commission elections to Single Member Districts, and move the representatives closer to the people.  That's what the founders of our country always intended: bring government close to the people.
Of course our Commissioners must work together for the good of the county, as they are all committed to do. At last if elected by their constituents in Single Member Districts they must listen to the voices of the voters and not just to their largest campaign donors.

All of the great accomplishments of the County for the benefit of the public and the environment can still be done! It is some of the outright gifts to developers, made on the backs of us, the public taxpayers, that may deserve further review.

Let's have our County Commissioners
Live in their District
Campaign in their District
Be elected by the people in their District
Represent their District

As they work together for the good of the county for
Sustainable growth
Protection of the environment
Safe neighborhoods and schools
Small businesses
Good jobs

5-20, 5-25 and 6-2 updates:  We are being attacked in the newspapers by the establishment party in control of this county even before we submit the last Single Member District petitions. They cannot admit that the Single Member District effort is one supported by people of ALL political parties, by all who care about having a healthy sustainable Sarasota County that all can enjoy.

They are so afraid to change to single member districts so each Commissioner would only be elected by the constituents in his or her district.  Why?  Because they might lose power over this county if other good candidates can challenge them without relying on PAC money like the funds they amass.  But it's that very PAC money that is running up the cost of our elections, and continuing to reinstall candidates beholden to their BIG MONEY donors.

o  get BIG MONEY control out of Sarasota County politics
o  provide integrity in our election process
o  reduce the cost of campaigns by 80% (!)
DRAIN THE SWAMP in Sarasota County!

Let's show that Organized People can win over Organized Money.

To put single member districts on the ballot and WIN, we need donations of all sizes NOW from all who care about what is happening in this county, to accelerate our campaign to meet the onslaught of BIG MONEY and negative messaging forthcoming against us. We can't do it without you.

Please donate what you can online NOW so we know you are with us--working hard on this issue--to create a strategic cost-effective campaign to get this on the ballot and reach as many people as possible to VOTE YES for Single Member Districts for electing County Commissioners.


If so, please chip in $20.18--or more, ASAP (NO LIMIT to the size of contributions for this issue campaign)-- to help us get on the ballot, and WIN.

Big checks are best sent by mail, but donations of all sizes online are gratefully appreciated.

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Donate online:

Mail CHECKS to:
P.O. Box 163
Venice, FL 34284