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January 3, 2024


Whereas unprecedented events have unfolded since the Presidential election of 2020:

  • a former U.S. President refused to accept the results of the election of 2020

  • engaged “fake electors” to try to change the results

  • then fomented an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol to demand Congress overturn the election results

  • then when his Vice President upheld his Constitutional responsibilities and certified the election results, called for the insurrectionists following his orders to  HANG his Vice President

  • then continued to promote his “Big Lie” that he won the election, and intimidate members of Congress to support his Big Lie in addition to having support from already willing right-wing media outlets

  • then filed to run for the Presidency of the United States again, although being charged with 91 felonies in four states as well as federal charges, and now awaiting trials

  • and now continues to foment hatred, divisiveness, and chaos in the American public about elections, the media, the Constitution, the courts, the Department of Justice and the rule of law


Therefore it is critical for individuals to TAKE ACTION to help SAVE DEMOCRACY in this country NOW and during the next 10 months. These are 8 actions individuals can help that were recommended by Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor.

Will you help?


  1. Become even more politically active. For some of us, this will mean taking more time out of our normal lives — up to and including getting out the vote in critical swing states. For others, it will mean phone banking, making political contributions, writing letters to editors, and calling friends and relations in key states.

  2. Do not succumb to complacency or cynicism. The stakes are too high. Even if you cannot take much time out of your normal life for direct politics, you will need to organize, mobilize, and energize your friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

  3. Counter lies with truth. This will require that you prepare yourself with facts, logic, analysis, and sources.

  4. Do not tolerate bigotry and hate. Call it out. Stand up to it. Denounce it. Demand that others denounce it, too.

  5. Do not resort to name-calling, bullying, intimidation, or violence. We cannot save democracy through anti-democratic means.

  6. Don’t waste your time commiserating with people who already agree with you. 

  7. Demonstrate, but don’t confuse demonstrating for political action. You may find it gratifying to stand on a corner in Berkeley or Cambridge or any other liberal precinct with a sign asking drivers to “honk if you hate fascism” and elicit lots of honks. But this is as politically effectual as taking a warm shower. Mobilize get-out-the-vote efforts in your community. Get young people involved.

  8. Don’t get distracted by the latest sensationalist post or story by or about Trump. Don’t let the media’s short-term attention span divert your eyes from the prize — the survival of American democracy during one of the greatest stress tests it has had to endure, organized by one of the worst demagogues in American history.







BREAKING NEWS: The County Commissioners have CHANGED the Public Hearing on Single Member Districts from a special meeting at 9:00 AM to THE LAST ITEM in the AFTERNOON SESSION ON Dec. 7—to thwart the will of the people and stifle our voices even more.

A request was made to put the hearing at the start of the afternoon session, rather than at the end, but we won't know whether that request was honored until the agenda for the meeting is published Thursday, Dec. 2. At the Commission meeting on November 15, members of the public had to wait 2 1/2 hours before the start of the discussion on the redistricting maps, which was to have started at 1:30. 

These Commissioners will do ANYTHING to overturn the will of the people. We cannot let them succeed. DONATE to  support our campaign.


Sarasota County Commissioners are hell-bent on

overturning Single Member Districts for electing

County Commissioners, so they can stay in power.


60% of voters of all political parties passed Single Member Districts in 2018, including 62% in North Port, 61% in Sarasota, 62% in Venice, and 57% in Longboat Key. 98% of all county voters live in a precinct that voted for single-member districts.


On Tuesday, December 7th, the Commissioners will choose wording for a repeal amendment, and plan to place it on the March 8, 2022 1-mil School referendum ballot!  Please come to the meeting December 7, bring friends, and PACK THE HALL!  Get a speaker card if you will and express your concerns at the Public Hearing WILL BE IN THE AFTERNOON SESSION DEC. 7.


WHAT:  Public Hearing at the County Commission Chambers


WHERE:  1660 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, FL

WHY: The Commissioners will finalize an amendment to repeal Single Member Districts and plan to place it on the March 8 School referendum ballot 

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?  Who represents you on the County Commission is important because the commissioners have the power to decide growth policy, approve new development, and CHOOSE WHO PAYS for the infrastructure needed to support that growth.  


Make sure your vote counts!  Make sure only the voters in your district elect your Commissioner.  Don’t let your votes be diluted by 80% of voters around the county who have nothing to do with your district. Vote NO if the amendment by the Commissioners asks you to “take back your four missing votes”.

Your POWER is in your ONE vote for YOUR County Commissioner.


And please DONATE for the intense campaign we must launch now to KEEP SINGLE MEMBER DISTRICTS.





ACTION ALERT November 15, 2021

Monday's the day! Let's pack the hall. 

When: 1:30 PM, Monday, November 15

Where: 1660 Ringling Blvd, Commission Chambers

Why: Because the Sarasota County Commissioners will

try to gerrymander the county maps again--as they did

in 2019, to protect yet another sitting Commissioner,

this time, Christian Ziegler. We the PEOPLE should

choose our Commissioner, not let the Commissioners

choose their voters. Please show up to protest this

corruption of our democracy. Let's show them we are

on to their game. If enough of us show up, we may be

able to block them. The map needed is Alternative 1-A.



UPDATE:  10/25/2021

Thanks to everyone that turned up to speak at the County Charter Review Board's October Meeting. It paid off! The Charter Review Board voted unanimously to send the issue of Single Member Districts back to the County Commission without discussion. See  some of the testimony below:






























Please attend this important meeting October 20th  to save Single Member Districts! 

WHEN:  Wednesday, Oct. 20, 6:00 PM

WHERE:  Robert L. Anderson Administration Center, Commission Chambers

                 4000 South Tamiami Trail

                Venice, FL 

WHAT:   Charter Review Board Meeting

WHY:     Major decision to be made on Single Member Districts—all hands on deck—please attend to swell the crowd


Arrive at 5:45 if you want to get a speaker card.  Remember, although five minutes are supposed to be allowed for each speaker, they may cut it to TWO if many speakers sign up.  Be prepared for either.  They cut off the microphone promptly after the allotted time.

  • NO partisan T-Shirts please!

  • SMD T-shirts may still be available for $10, or you can sign up for one if we run out:


Keep Single Member Districts

My Vote

My Commissioner


See you on the 20th!!

Action Alert 9-22-21:


The Sarasota County Commissioners are hell-bent on overturning single member districts, even though 60% of Sarasota County voters of all political parties voted for them in 2018.  The Commissioners’ abuse of power will continue until folks in our neighborhoods start speaking up and voting. See how you can keep your power at

Join the list and take the survey to record your preferences.

As many responses as possible are needed by Sept. 28, when the Commission will review SMD at their meeting in Sarasota, 1660 Ringling Blvd. in the morning session.


Please attend the meeting and speak up in defense of Single Member Districts.

Arrive at 8:45 AM to get a speaker card and speak at the 9 AM Open to the Public session.

You will have up to 5 minutes.  

Thanks for your help!

All voices are needed!


The meeting agenda is here: . The Consent Section goes fast, so stay to hear the discussion of SMD in the Community Survey (Item 33:  Communications) if you can, but you can always leave after you speak at 9 AM if need be.



CAN YOU HELP?  Write letters to all these newspapers: 

Herald-Tribune (  (200-word limit)

Venice Gondolier-Sun (  (250 word limit)

Englewood Sun and North Port Sun (  (250 word limit)


And copy these folks on your letter:

'Rachel Hackney'" <>; <>; "Fanning, Tim" <>; "'Glen Nickerson'" <>;  <>

And perhaps send them to the County Commissioners and the County Administrator as well:  <>; <>


All voices of reason are needed on many topics, including keeping single member districts for electing County Commissioners in Sarasota County.  

See the latest information on single member districts here: – Sign up to join their list!--and the original 2018 website on why we needed to pass SMD in the first place here: —(Sign up here, too, to keep informed!)





WHAT: Charter Review Board meeting—where they will start discussion to overturn Single Member Districts

WHEN: 5:30 PM—to buy a T-shirt ($10) to KEEP SMD—or wear a red T-shirt--and get a speaker card (meeting starts promptly at 6:00)

WHERE: Sarasota County Administration Center, 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34236

WHY: Show up to KEEP SINGLE MEMBER DISTRICTS for electing County Commissioners


It’s time for people all over the county to stand up for Single Member Districts for electing County Commissioners. 60% of voters of all political parties voted YES to change to single member districts in 2018, to enable principled local candidates to campaign for County Commission, cut the cost of campaigning by 80%, and elect Commissioners who are accountable to all the people in their district, not just the developers, as they serve on the Commission for the good of the county. We elect our State Representatives by single member districts. Sarasota County is so large it includes portions of FIVE state legislative districts: two complete districts (72 and 74) and parts of three others: (70, 71 and 73.) It makes sense to elect County Commissioners by single member districts as well.

Review the Single Member Districts website: The Case for Reform , Fact Check  , and the four short videos in the Media Center to be reminded of why single member districts are so needed.

Remember, your voice is strongest when only you and others in your district elect your Commissioner— not when 80% of voters all over the county can dilute your votes and choose your Commissioner for you. Keep your power. Keep single member districts.




UPDATE on the December 13th Protest and Media Event at Phillippi Estate Park:

10:15-10:45 AM sign-waving along the street north of the entrance at 5500 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

11:00 AM media event at the gazebo.

Carpools recommended.  Park at the gazebo. Bring signs. Wear your RIGGED T-shirt if you have one.

All concerned with the 2019 rushed (rigged) redistricting of Sarasota  by the County Commissioners, please come and make your signs seen and your voices heard!


11-28-19  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  

Next step:  A protest and media event will be held outside the Phillippi Mansion where the Commissioners will be having their "Strategic Planning Retreat" December 13.  I bet they have a LOT of planning to do... Wouldn't you know they chose Friday the 13th!

We will gather at 11:00 AM on Dec. 13 along the street at 5500 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.  Bring signs.  Wear your RIGGED shirts if you have them.  

We will protest the Commissioners' rushed redistricting in 2019, and defend single member districts, that almost 60% of the voters, or 115,896 people of all political parties in this county, passed in 2018 for the benefit of THE PEOPLE.     Wouldn't you know it just took 60% of the Commissioners, that is, 3 people--Detert, Maio and Moran-- to push forward with their flawed redistricting in 2019. 

See you December 13th!


Commission Meeting Strategic Planning Retreat
County Commission
Date: 12/13/2019 
Location:  Phillippi Estate Park
5500 S. Tamiami Trail


Sarasota, Florida 34231




At today's Public Hearing of the Sarasota County Commission on the proposed 2019 redistricting, despite all our efforts and those of so many others to encourage the County Commissioners to abandon their flawed efforts to redistrict the county this year, the Commissioners passed and will proceed with steps toward redistricting the county using Map 4.1-the one that both gerrymanders District 1 to ensure the re-election of Commissioner Moran, including carving out a potentially viable Republican opponent of his, and does the most damage to Newtown voters by moving them out of District 1 to District 2, thus disenfranchising them from voting (and disenfranchising Fredd Atkins from running for County Commission) in 2020.

However we should be spurred on, and not deterred.
In addition to whatever lawsuit(s) may result, it is up to all of us now to reach out to all voters and potential voters, and get everyone

  *   registered to vote
  *   paying attention and voting in all elections
  *   helping others register to vote

WE the PEOPLE should choose our elected officials, not have elected officials choose their voters.
We must encourage principled people to run for office.
We can't give up.
We can't turn back.
Our time is now.

Kindra Muntz
Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections (SAFE)




11-19-19   Public Hearing on redistricting in 2019:  Tuesday, November 19, 9:00 AM, at the County Commission Chamber, 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota.

This is the last opportunity for the Sarasota County Commissioners to cancel their plans to redistrict the county this year, one year before the decennial census, after which redistricting is required.  The data gathered by their consultant to update population numbers has been proven to be severely flawed. Newspapers, city councilors, the League of Women Voters, and numerous members of the public oppose redistricting this year.  The process has been severely tainted.  With all this information, we hope the Commissioners will see the wisdom of cancelling their plans to redistrict in 2019. 

 See this 17-minute video of public comments during the Oct. 7 and Oct. 30 County Commission meetings on redistricting

or view these short clips taken from that video:

Wait for 2020 Census and Waste of Taxpayer Money:

Flawed Data, so Wait for Census Data:   The first speaker is R.N.Collins, the Sarasota County economist and GIS (Geographic Information System Mapping) expert who analyzed contractor Spitzer's data and that of his hired subcontractor Richard Doty in detail.

Ignoring Citizen Feedback:

Disenfranchising Newtown and Potential Legal Problems:






11-6-19 Important meeting on the Celery Fields--Yes, this impacts the whole county--because portions of this beautiful, peaceful park and renowned birding area that people all over the county (and visitors from all over the world) enjoy, may be REZONED by the County Commission for industrial use so a concrete crushing plant can be built there!  More gifts to developers! To sell off OUR PUBLIC LANDS for a song. Come to the Commission chambers, 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota at 1:15 to get a good seat (or a speaker card). The meeting starts at 1:30.


11-1-19--Special event Nov 7:  Sarasota Tiger Bay luncheon honoring WOMEN IN POLITICS: Nancy Detert will be on the panel. Other panelists are Nikki Fried, Shelli Freeland Eddie, Christine Robinson, and Bridget Ziegler.  11:30, Nov. 7, Michaels on East, 1212 S. East Street, Sarasota. Let's attend, pay attention, be respectful and ask questions if you are a member, but not try to disrupt the forum. This is not the place to wear the special shirts.  Reserve NOW. This may be a sellout!  Register online at or call 941-925-2970 or email to reserve. Members $27.00, non-members $32.00.  It will be worth it!

10-23-19 --D-DAY October 30!  The first 50 people to arrive by 12:45 PM will receive a special free T-shirt to wear at the meeting!  Let's fill the hall!  1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota.  SEE YOU THERE!

10-18-19  Decision Day is coming October 30!  We hope after all the bad data and questionable maps, the Commissioners will choose NOT to redistrict the county in 2019.   Please show up on October 30, 1:30 PM at the Commission Chambers at the County Administration Building, 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota to show you oppose this faulty early redistricting and get a speaker card at 1:15 to voice your opinions.  Or just show up to swell the audience and support other speakers.   How much more bad data and rigged maps do the Commissioners need, to prove this is NOT the time to redistrict!!!  The explosive front page stories on the Herald-tribune of September 19 and October 13 tell it all.



5-18-19  Please attend the County Commission meeting Wednesday, May 22, 9:00 AM at the Commission Chambers at 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota. This will be the decisive meeting at which the Commissioners may decide to redistrict the county THIS YEAR, BEFORE the 2020 census!  From the population numbers the County Administrator is showing, that shouldn't be necessary.  The difference in population between the largest and smallest population districts is under 10%, within the guidelines of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Equal Protection clause of the U.S. Constitution, federal law, state law, and our county charter.

5-2-19  Please attend the County Commission meeting Tuesday, May 7, 9:00 AM at the Commission Chambers at the Robert L. Anderson Administration Center, 4000 South Tamiami Trail, Venice.  The Sarasota County Commissioners are moving ahead with steps to redistrict Sarasota County in 2019 (!)  i.e. BEFORE they have the actual population numbers from the 2020 census.  (and of course, they will have to redistrict AGAIN after the 2020 census.)  Remember, redistricting must be done based on POPULATION, not on registered voters. County Administrator Jonathan Lewis will report on his findings in support of redistricting this year on May 7. 


His report is item 24B on the agenda. It will probably be in the late morning. See the full agenda here.  However, to voice your concerns about redistricting in 2019 and have them videoed for the record, please get a speaker card for the 9:00 AM Open to the Public session. You will have three minutes to speak. If you can't stay for the entire meeting, you can leave thereafter.  To see the rest of the meeting online, go to, click on the Government tab, and Watch County Commission Meetings.  Comcast users can watch the meeting on Access TV Channel 19.  Verizon users can watch it on channel 32.  You can also see the archived video of the April 9 meeting where they first discussed redistricting in 2019 online here.


4-16-19   Carol Hartz, President of the League of Women Voters of Sarasota County, wrote an excellent Letter to the Editor of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune outlining the need for a "balanced redistricting commission"--bipartisan, multi-partisan or non-partisan--to "bolster trust in the fairness of our democratic processes." See the link below.  If you agree, please write letters to the local papers in support!  And write them NOW, before the early May County Commission meeting, when they will probably make their plans to redistrict in 2019. All voices are needed NOW to press the County Commission to do the right thing, and appoint a BALANCED redistricting commission, so this isn't another effort to gerrymander districts to keep power brokers in control of our county.  Elected officials should not be choosing their voters: we the voters should choose our elected officials. 


 Balanced redistricting commission needed (13 KB) 



4-10-19  Yesterday at the County Commission meeting in Venice, Nancy Detert suggested the Commissioners should redistrict in 2019--however she seems to think redistricting is done on the basis of registered voters.  No it's not: redistricting is based on POPULATION--that's why it needs to be done after the 2020 census.  How will they get accurate population numbers now?  Please contact the County Administrator, County Attorney, and County Commissioners and ask these questions:

--and be sure to send any questions and concerns you have to the newspapers as well--


1. What is the proposed timeline to conduct the redistricting process, and how will the public be notified?

2. What source/s will Sarasota County use to determine the current population of Sarasota County--U.S. Census Bureau or other data base?

3. When and where will the current County population data (Total and by District) be available for public review prior to any redistricting workshops?

4. When and where will those public redistricting workshops be held? (You said workshops would be held.)

5. What criteria and formula determine whether or not redistricting in required?

6. What software program/s will be used to "balance" the population in each district should it be necessary to redistrict?

7. What are the anticipated administrative and related costs associated with redistricting and reconfiguring precincts?



4-5-19  Well, the honeymoon didn't last even seven months.  Now we understand opponents are conducting a "push-poll" survey to try to dissuade voters from supporting Single Member Districts.  Please don't be fooled by this attempt by the powerful to keep their power.  The power grab by corporate big moneyed interests is happening at all levels:  county--state- and national.  Our County Commissioners are already suppressing the will of the voters by their draconian amendment to double petition requirements for citizen initiatives.  Now the State legislature is trying to do the same by fast-tracking SB 7096 to kill all the statewide petition drives being conducted to protect the people- for Medicaid expansion,  banning assault weapons and more.  Sign up here to have your voice heard in April on this and other bad bills being pushed through the 2019  Florida legislative session.  AND BEWARE:  If the Sarasota County Commission conducts a special election to change Single Member District elections to another system, VOTE NO! 



11-6-18  Thanks to people of all political parties who saw the need for this important reform in the way we elect County Commissioners in Sarasota County, our Single Member Districts amendment passed with a resounding vote of 59.84% YES vs. 40.16% NO.  

It will first go into effect in the 2020 elections for the three County Commission seats in Districts 1 (Mike Moran), 3 (Nancy Detert) and 5 (Charles Hines). Now is a great time for people to attend County Commission meetings to see how the Commissioners work for the people in their district and together for the benefit of all in the County.  It is now up to the voters in each of those districts to decide whether to re-elect them or another qualified candidate who may emerge. 

See the County Commissioners here 

and there meeting schedule here 


10-15-18  Don't be fooled by the false ads and mailers and black and red signs from the STOP Single Member Districts campaign.  The STOP campaign is supported by the very developers who are trying to keep control of elections in this county!  Only with Single Member Districts can we elect County Commissioners who can work together countywide for ALL the people as they represent their district as true advocates.  Vote YES for Single Member Districts on the November ballot!


(SEE OUR NEW WEBSITE devoted to Single Member Districts and please LIKE our new Facebook page in addition to our SAFE Facebook page.)  This is a NONPARTISAN initiative for people of ALL political parties and no party.  It will benefit PEOPLE all over the county.



For latest updates on the SMD campaign, see below.  See BENEFITS,  POINTS TO REMEMBER and DIFFERENCES BETWEEN DISTRICTS half way down.  


READ ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE to see how important this needed reform is for all of us!



Vote YES for the "Sarasota County Charter Amendment to Change County Commission Elections to Single Member Districts". It is near the very end of the November ballot!  

Single Member Districts will benefit all residents of Sarasota County: 

o  help ensure County Commissioners are accountable to US and not just to their largest campaign donors


o  reduce the cost of campaigns

o  let Commissioners work together for the good of ALL people in the county, not just the development community

o  protect the health and sustainability of the environment, the economy, and the people in our beautiful Sarasota County



VOTE YES on the November ballot for Single Member Districts for electing County Commissioners



VOTE NO for the "draconian" amendment of the County Commission titled "Process for Citizen Initiated Petitions..."  It DOUBLES petition requirements for citizen petition initiatives from 5% to 10% in the future.  That means citizens would have to gather over 30,000 petitions rather than the 15,000 required now. ("Draconian" was the word used at the Public Hearing August 29 by outgoing Commissioner Paul Caragiulo to describe the County Commission's amendment.  THANK YOU PAUL!)  Their amendment doesn't mention that it is DOUBLING the petition requirement, so people may not realize the impact it will have.  Their amendment is a Trojan Horse!


It's clear the County Commission wants to SILENCE the voices of the voters.  Their amendment will stifle our voices--by making it as difficult as possible for voters to petition their government for redress of grievances in the future.

Their amendment called "Process for Citizen Initiated Petitions..." will

1. DOUBLE the petition requirement from 5% to 10%, so instead of 15,000+ petitions, we would have to gather 30,000+ petitions in the future!!

2. Require ALL county charter amendments to go on a November election, and eliminate all special elections for citizen petition initiatives

3. Severely limit the time for gathering petitions to two years--actually 1 1/2 years by the proposed plan.

4. Require that all petitions be submitted at once between January 1 and April 1 of the year the measure is intended to go on the November ballot.  That will make it very difficult for the Supervisor of Elections to process them, and extremely difficult for citizens to estimate how may extra petitions may be needed, and gather them by May 1 if necessary.





The First Amendment to the Constitution says "Congress shall make no law...abridging the right of the people petition the Government for a redress of grievances." --but apparently that doesn't stop our County Commissioners from creating "local laws" to do just that!



One Sarasota County voter (Michael Hayden) says: "Looks like they don't want any more petitions to find their way to the ballot."

Another (Alexandra Coe) says: "Limiting citizen access to government is exactly the opposite of what our elected officials are supposed to do."





SAFE board member Susette Bryan says:  "This would be one small step for Sarasota County citizens, one big step for fair and honest representation."



Bill Zoller of Sarasota 2050 says: "I am a Republican, and I strongly support the Single Member District (SMD) proposed change to our County Charter.  The issues that we face locally have no party labels.  Traffic congestion, protection of our neighborhoods, good governance, responsive county commissioners, protection of our very special environmental assets, and other quality of life issues do not fall exclusively into Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, or any other "party" camp. We know that very large campaign donations have been funneled to candidates favored by certain special interests, and Single Member Districts may lessen the impact of that trend."



Everyone, please SPREAD THE WORD about the BENEFITS of this NON-PARTISAN Single Member Districts referendum for ALL people in the county!  Please LIKE our Facebook page for Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections, JOIN our public Facebook groupFOLLOW us on Twitter, and ...  DONATE what you can to help our campaign reach VICTORY in November!



o  Reduce the influence of Dark Money PACs

o  Reduce the influence of Large Real Estate Developers

o  Make Commissioners accountable to YOU and not just to their largest campaign donors

o  Reduce the cost of running for office --up to 80%!

o  Make races more competitive, so good new candidates can WIN!

o  Get control of traffic and infrastructure

o  Strengthen Neighborhoods

o  Protect our Environment

o  Reduce Your Taxes! --when you don't have to pay for the infrastructure and overruns that the developers are not paying for!!  * see comment below from the HOA President of Blue Heron Pond

o Benefit people of ALL political parties, and help restore integrity in elections in this county for the good of ALL.


POINTS TO REMEMBER:  YOUR voice will be STRONGER--with ALL Commissioners, as elected officials responsible to the PEOPLE and not just the developers are elected in EACH district in the County-- by the voters in that district.  How can YOUR concerns be heard now even by your own Commissioner if 80% of the people electing YOUR County Commissioner live outside YOUR district?  --and may be swayed to vote for someone NOT in the interests of you and the other voters in your district, and not even in the interests of all the PEOPLE in the county, but simply the profit-making interests of the developers, by TV ads and glossy mailers sent to homes all over the county by candidates backed by those wealthy development interests?  

REMEMBER:  Single member districts are not new. They are a common-sense approach to ensuring local representation and good government practiced in 27 Florida counties in whole or in part and in elections across the country. 

REMEMBER:  We can start correcting many of the problems in this county and this country once we get good people into office at lower levels of government, such as County Commission, right here in Sarasota County.




Here's an easy way:  Download and print this document.   

 handout slips (13 KB) 


Cut it into small strips.  Take some with you wherever you go.  Hand them out to everyone you meet--people of all political parties-- and encourage them to check this page to learn about single member districts and how they can benefit from them!  

Other ways:  Hand out this flyer  

 Single Member District flyer--7-11-18 (45 KB) 

to friends, neighbors, groups you are in and meetings you attend.  Show up at key meetings of elected officials, mail postcards, speak at events, canvass door to door, help Get Out the Vote?  Join us!




Single member vs. at large districts:  (See other talking points here:)  



Single member districts: Commissioners will have to live in the district, campaign in the district, be elected by voters in the district--not by voters all over the county.  Therefore they will truly represent the district, and be accountable to the people there as they work together for the good of the county.  They work with other Commissioners elected in their districts and accountable to the PEOPLE and not just to the developers who bankroll the big, costly countywide campaigns.  Of course they can and must work together for the safety and good of ALL people in this county, and the healthy and sustainable environment for ALL that is increasingly in danger, and that together, we must preserve.   


At large districts: --that we have now:  Commissioners have to live in the district, but they are elected by voters all over the county, who may respond simply to TV ads and slick mailers that are sent countywide supporting them and attacking their opponents.  So your Commissioner may be elected by 80% of the people OUTSIDE your district!!  The cost of campaigning countywide is so high that only candidates bankrolled by developers and their friends can effectively compete, so candidates beholden to developers are installed over and over again.  Even though you may have voted for all five commissioners who supposedly represent everyone in the county, they don't necessarily listen to you, because their allegiance too often is to their biggest donors, who may not have the concerns of the people in your district or others truly at heart.


Mixed districts: With some at large and some single member districts.  Our county is so large that if you have ANY at large seats, those seats guarantee that only candidates bankrolled by developers and their friends can compete.  


With single member districts, Commissioners--elected by the people who live there-- can work together for the good of the county without being beholden to mega-donors in dark money PACS, who want special favors for their pet projects--often at the expense of us, the public taxpayers.


WE THE PEOPLE who live in and love Sarasota County want a good quality of life, a healthy environment, elected officials who listen to US for a change, and reasonable taxes--not higher taxes because we are forced to absorb all the excesses not paid for by the developers!! 


If this referendum passes, it could benefit all the people who LIVE in this county--people of all political parties and none--for years to come.  




1.  Send letters to the Editor in support of Single Member Districts to the Herald-Tribune, Venice Gondolier-Sun, North Port Sun, Englewood Sun, Sarasota Observer, Longboat Observer, Sarasota News Leader and more as often as you can. 

2. Spread the word on social media.  LIKE our Facebook page, JOIN our public Facebook group, and FOLLOW us on Twitter. Share our posts and reinforce with supporting posts of your own.

3. Please chip in, and thank you!  Every contribution helps!  We can't match the big bucks of the developers, but we will do everything possible with what we can raise.  Remember, single member districts could change history in Sarasota County for the better for years to come, protect a healthy environment and quality of life for all, and restore accountability of our Commissioners to YOU, the people, rather than to their largest donors.


Questions and talking points to consider:

Do you support sustainable growth without having to beg and plead with your Commissioners to save your neighborhood or environmental lands from uncontrolled development?  

Are you concerned about traffic?  Do you want our County to have foresight on infrastructure planning to avoid the bizarre traffic we have now?

Do you want development to pay its own way by adequate impact fees rather than putting the costs of growth on the backs of YOU, the public taxpayer?

Do you want to elect your own County Commissioner instead of having people in other parts of the county do it for you?  

Do you want your Commissioner to listen to YOU and not just to their largest campaign donors? 

How about reducing the cost of campaigns by 80%--so candidates can cut costs and really get to know the voters--and more good candidates can run for election without having to be indebted to the developers?

How about returning our elections to "We the People" instead of "We the corporations"?


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1) Learn about the issues, candidates, and philosophy of the various political parties, and VOTE in every election, to elect good people at every level of government who will be responsible to THE PEOPLE.

2) Then hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and votes--follow the issues, and call, email, and meet with them to build working relationships with them and their staff members and raise our concerns.

3) Attend City and County Commission meetings, rallies, and press conferences, speak out, and make our voices heard.

4) Write letters to the editor.

5) Spread the word on social media

Why should we be involved??  Because the people we elect and the decisions they make, affect our daily lives.  

Good resource:   America, the Owners Manual: You can fight City Hall--and Win by Senator Bob Graham and Chris Hand, 2016 



Find your U.S. Senators: 

Find your U.S. Representative:

Contact the Governor:

Find your Florida Senator:

Find your Florida Representative:

Find your Sarasota County Commissioner:

Track Florida legislation here:

and here:

and see how key 2018 bills are progressing in the Florida legislature here: http//





Call and meet with your U.S. Representative, U.S.Senator or their state coordinator in their district office during Congressional recesses. Tell them you want your Congressperson


  1. to co-sponsor and send to the states for ratification a Congressional resolution to AMEND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION to OPPOSE the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United that equated corporate political speech with the free speech of individual persons, and gave corporations ability to contribute unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. Let’s press for H.J.R. 48 (House Joint Resolution 48), the amendment proposed at  

  2. to co-sponsor the Fair Elections Now Act (FENA) (S.1640) to create a level playing field for candidates and help take excessive money out of politics. See for details of the bill.  Our Congresspeople must know that WE THE PEOPLE will fight to have our voices heard and to elect leaders who listen to the PEOPLE more than to the CORPORATIONS and their front groups.

  3. to co-sponsor The DISCLOSE Act (H.R.1134/S.1585) to reveal political donations from corporations and large moneyed interests. See for details of the bill. See the effective disclose law passed in Minnesota at                                                                                                                                                                                       Minnesota did it! So can we!

  4. See more actions under What You Can Do  



1. Fight for a free and open internet. Oppose media consolidation.  See  We must restore Net Neutrality.  See the groundbreaking decision of the Federal Communications Commission in 2015 after FOUR MILLION public comments .

Sadly, net neutrality was repealed June 11, 2018 under the FCC leadership of Ajit Pai.  See

2. Demand more voices on TV and radio, not fewer, so that broadcasters on our public airwaves represent all the public, not just a few. Encourage and support community radio stations, such as in Sarasota — See

3. Tell the FCC we demand comparable time on radio during election campaigns. Sign the petition at

4. Stand up for NPR and PBS, so their voices are not shut out. Call your legislators.

5. Host a screening of the media-reform documentary "Broadcast Blues." To see a trailer and purchase the DVD, go to

6. Start holding our local radio stations accountable, so they don’t abuse the licenses they hold, and press the FCC to pull their licenses, if they do.  See the action October 18, 2016 against Entercom's radio station KDND at . When radio stations are granted broadcast licenses, they are entrusted to use our public airways to serve the public interest.  It's time they did.

7. Call and meet with your U.S. Representative or their state coordinator on these issues IN THEIR DISTRICT OFFICE during Congressional recesses. Tell them you want your Congressperson to co-sponsor a bill to rewrite the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to limit media ownership by one person or corporation. Unlimited ownership of radio stations by corporations such as Clear Channel (as allowed in that Act) is drowning out the voices of individual citizens in America, by giving a billion dollar megaphone to corporate owners to push whatever agenda they have on the listening public. The U.S. Constitution stands for free speech for PEOPLE, not for CORPORATIONS.

8. Start connecting the dots and watching the bottom of TV ads to see who is paying for them. It is “Americans for Prosperity”? That’s a PAC funded by billionaire oil magnates Charles and David Koch, who oppose government regulation because they wouldn’t be able to get away with the 300 oil spills they have caused over the past 10 years if we had the regulations we needed to protect us. If regulators were allowed to work unfettered and protect the public, they couldn’t hornswaggle the EPA into not classifying formaldehyle as a carcinogen, just to keep their profits up at Georgia Pacific. See the film Koch Brothers Exposed. The trailer tells you how to buy the DVD. Then schedule a house party or other free screening and post the event at

8. Press our Congressmen and Congresswomen to pass the DISCLOSE ACT, so people can see who is paying for all these ads, and find out who is behind front groups like “Americans for Prosperity.”  It’s all about THEIR prosperity, not yours.


  1. Make sure your voter registration is up-to-date, including your address and signature.

  2. Vote by mail: request a Vote by Mail ballot from your Supervisor of Elections office. Key reasons:  precinct locations and numbers may change, lines may be long, the ballot may be long, you may be unable to get to the polls, machines may break down or there may be other problems at the polls on Election Day. With a Vote by Mail ballot, you have time to read and mark the ballot at your convenience, at home. Once you have mailed your ballot, you can track its receipt at the Elections office.

  3. Work with organizations helping to register voters in Florida. Voter registration efforts are now allowed.

  4. Volunteer to help with election protection efforts during elections. Check with your local Party for opportunities.

  5. Voice your opposition to any voter-suppression legislation that restricts voters' rights, limits early voting, and inhibits voter registration.

  6. Gather petitions for the Voting Restoration Amendment, to restore voting rights to ex-felons in Florida who have paid their debt to society.  See, and

  7. Oppose mass incarceration, the school-to-prison pipeline, and similar efforts.  Read The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander. 

  8. Learn about the issues and opposing philosophies on voting rights:  Good resource: The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash, and the Conservative Assault on Democracy, by Zachary Roth, Crown, 2016

  9. VOTE!  It is up to YOU to make sure you are registered, and your registration signature and address are up to date.  See for all the information you need.  Pay attention, learn about the issues and the candidates and VOTE in every election! Your future depends on it!


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