Please DONATE NOW to support our efforts in 2021 to keep Single Member Districts, which passed in 2018 with overwhelming support of people of all political parties to benefit the PEOPLE!  We changed from at-large to single member districts for electing County Commissioners so people of all political parties could elect candidates not beholden to the power-brokers in control of this county.

Now the Commissioners are trying to undermine this historic achievement by tasking the Charter Review Board to “review” single member districts, to place a repeal amendment on the ballot in 2022, or they may call a Special Election themselves before then to overturn single member districts, so they and their friends can stay in power.  

If they don’t call a Special Election, they will redistrict the county again in 2021, perhaps without even waiting for the results of the 2020 census, to keep themselves or their chosen replacements in power. And they will be using our taxpayer dollars to do so!


Is this the way our County should be run??   NO!  


The voters should choose their Commissioner, not the Commissioners choose their voters. 


Don’t be fooled by the messaging of the Commissioners and their power brokers.  Keep YOUR power to elect YOUR Commissioner in YOUR district without letting 80% of voters in other parts of the county choose your Commissioner for you.  Keep single member districts!


Contribute online or by check now, so we can fight this continued takeover of our county. 






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