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Single member districts

1) Help gather petitions for our campaign for single-member districts for County Commissioners and Charter Review Board members in Sarasota County, to put this on the ballot in 2017. 

2) Print the petitions here: downloads/Sarasota-County-Single-Member-District-Petitions.pdf and mail completed petitions to SAFE, P.O. Box 163, Venice, FL 34284.

3) Publicize this effort on social media, letters to the editor, forums, and personal contacts.

All help is welcome!


Basic Actions for All Campaigns: 

1) First, we must become informed about the issues, candidates, and philosophy of the various political parties,  and VOTE in every election, to elect good people at every level of government who will be responsible to THE PEOPLE.

2) Once they are in office (for better or worse), it is up to us to hold them accountable for their actions and votes.  We must follow the issues, and call, email, and meet with our legislators as needed to build working relationships with them and their staff members and raise our concerns.

3) Other key actions:  attend City and County Commission meetings, rallies, and press conferences with others, speak out, and make our voices heard.

4) Write letters to the editor.

5) Spread the word on social media

Why be involved??  Because the people we elect and the decisions they make, affect our daily lives. 

Good resource:   America, the Owners Manual: You can fight City Hall--and Win by Senator Bob Graham and Chris Hand, 2016


Quick Links 

Find your U.S. Senators:

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Contact the Governor:

Find your Florida Senator:

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Track Florida legislation:

Campaign Finance Reform

Call and meet with your U.S. Representative, U.S.Senator or their state coordinator on these issues in their district office during Congressional recesses. Tell them you want your Congressperson

  1. to co-sponsor and send to the states for ratification a Congressional resolution to AMEND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION to OPPOSE the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United that equated corporate political speech with the free speech of individual persons, and gave corporations ability to contribute unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. Let’s press for the amendment proposed at
  2. to co-sponsor the Fair Elections Now Act (FENA) (S.1538) to create a level playing field for candidates and help take excessive money out of politics. See for details of the bill. WE THE PEOPLE need to keep pressing for this, even if recent court decisions are against us. Our Congresspeople must know that WE THE PEOPLE will fight to have our voices heard and to elect leaders who listen to the PEOPLE more than to the CORPORATIONS and their front groups.
  3. to co-sponsor The DISCLOSE Act (H.R.430) to reveal political donations from corporations and large moneyed interests. See for details of the bill. See the effective disclose law passed in Minnesota at                                                                                                                                                                                            
    Minnesota did it! So can we!
  4. See more actions under What You Can Do 

Media Reform

1.  Fight for a free and open internet. Oppose media consolidation.  See  We must preserve Net Neutrality.  See the groundbreaking decision of the Federal Communications Commission after FOUR MILLION public comments

2. Demand more voices on TV and radio, not fewer, so that broadcasters on our public airwaves represent all the public, not just a few. Encourage and support community radio stations, such as in Sarasota — See

3. Tell the FCC we demand comparable time on radio during election campaigns. Sign the petition at

4. Stand up for NPR and PBS, so their voices are not shut out. Call your legislators.

5. Host a screening of the media-reform documentary "Broadcast Blues." To see a trailer and purchase the DVD, go to

6. Start holding our local radio stations accountable, so they don’t abuse the licenses they hold, and press the FCC to pull their licenses, if they do.  See the action underway October 18, 2016 against Entercom's radio station KDND at . When radio stations are granted broadcast licenses, they are entrusted to use our public airways to serve the public interest.  It's time they did.

7. Call and meet with your U.S. Representative or their state coordinator on these issues IN THEIR DISTRICT OFFICE during Congressional recesses. Tell them you want your Congressperson to co-sponsor a bill to rewrite the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to limit media ownership by one person or corporation. Unlimited ownership of radio stations by corporations such as Clear Channel (as allowed in that Act) is drowning out the voices of individual citizens in America, by giving a billion dollar megaphone to corporate owners to push whatever agenda they have on the listening public. The U.S. Constitution stands for free speech for PEOPLE, not for CORPORATIONS.

8. Start connecting the dots and watching the bottom of TV ads to see who is paying for them. It is “Americans for Prosperity”? That’s a PAC funded by billionaire oil magnates Charles and David Koch, who oppose government regulation because they wouldn’t be able to get away with the 300 oil spills they have caused over the past 10 years if we had the regulations we needed to protect us. If regulators were allowed to work unfettered and protect the public, they couldn’t hornswaggle the EPA into not classifying formaldehyle as a carcinogen, just to keep their profits up at Georgia Pacific. See the film Koch Brothers Exposed. The trailer tells you how to buy the DVD. Then schedule a house party or other free screening and post the event at

8. Press our Congressmen and Congresswomen to pass the DISCLOSE ACT, so people can see who is paying for all these ads, and find out who is behind front groups like “Americans for Prosperity.”  It’s all about THEIR prosperity, not yours.

Election Reform

  1. Make sure your voter registration is up-to-date, including your address and signature.
  2. Vote by mail: request a Vote by Mail ballot from your Supervisor of Elections office. Key reasons:  precinct locations and numbers may change, lines may be long, the ballot may be long, you may be unable to get to the polls, machines may break down or there may be other problems at the polls on Election Day. With a Vote by Mail ballot, you have time to read and mark the ballot at your convenience, at home. Once you have mailed your ballot, you can track its receipt at the Elections office.
  3. Work with organizations helping to register voters in Florida. Voter registration efforts are now allowed.
  4. Volunteer to help with election protection efforts during elections. Check with your local Party for opportunities.
  5. Voice your opposition to any voter-suppression legislation that restricts voters' rights, limits early voting, and inhibits voter registration.
  6. Gather petitions for the Voting Restoration Amendment, to restore voting rights to ex-felons in Florida who have paid their debt to society.  See  and
  7. Oppose mass incarceration, the school-to-prison pipeline, and similar efforts.  Read The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander.
  8. Learn about the issues and opposing philosophies on voting rights:  Good resource: The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash, and the Conservative Assault on Democracy, by Zachary Roth, Crown, 2016